What can fysionomie be used for?
What is  fysionomie?
Ko Schoots

The story of Ko Schoots
ko schoots
Who can benefit from fysionomie?

Ko was born in 1950 in Culemborg, The Netherlands (also known as Holland). Being the youngest in a middle-class familiy, he was taught to communicate with different kinds of people from a young age on. He developed into a person who is driven by his heart rather then his mind. Somebody who would like to make a difference in other peoples lives.
Around the age of twenty he starts to become aware of a special intuition that he is using increasingly when he is around other people. This intuition develops slowly into a special talent. When he observes people, impressions about that persons characteristics, his skills, his capacities and hidden talents are revealed to him. But also impressions of developments in his life, tension, stress, problems and restricions. At that time, Ko does not know how to call this special talent yet.

It takes longer then twenty years before Ko comes out in the open with his special talent. In the second half of the nignties, the last bit of his hesitations dissapear. He starts to question if it would be possible to use his talent for the good of mankind. Being a religious person, he questions if that is
allowed to do so. Therefore he talks with a monk in a monestry several times to discuss this issue. This monk is especially knowledgebable in matters that go beyond explanation, and it is during these visitations to the monestry that Ko determines his own limits within which he is willing to use his gift..

Also in this period, Ko meets the psychologist professor doctor Piet Vroon. Ko asks  him to give his professional opinion about this special talent. This is a very perculiar request to the extremely rationally oriented dr. Vroon but, his curiosity wins, so he agrees to look into this phenomena. Dr. Vroon is struck by the precise descriptions from peoples characters that Ko is able to give from photo’s of persons unknown to him. Nevertheless, Dr. Vroon stays critical. In his opinion, everybody is able to guess some things from photo’s, but in he states that Ko’s intuition has developed further in this area. He advises Ko to call himself ‘fysionomist’, so from then on Ko does so.
All doubts eventually dissappear with dr. Vroon as well, and the long talks with Ko eventually leads to a close friendship that lasts unitl dr. Vroon dies.

The experiments that dr. Vroon performed on Ko meant a lot to him. It gave him recongnistion of his gift, and it also helped Ko to give his talent a name. And although Ko still does not know why and how these impressions are revealed to him (and he has no ambition to even try either) he has never questioned the things that come into his mind
and that he needs to pass on to the person in front of him. Most important to Ko is that he likes to help people using his gift in a pure and transparent way and never misuse anyones trust in that regard